Server network business業
Customer issues Needs We will provide the optimal infrastructure environment according to your budget Our server service Web Life Private Server Installed in our contract rack in the world's largest data center Cost using the latest virtualization technology Proposal of highly effective environment and construction and operation Fully customized environment according to customer's request Support by infrastructure engineer active in the first line Control panel concept considering customer's point of viewコントロールパネルの構想。
Private cloud business
It is a private cloud server only for your company that can be configured from the minimum number of servers。


Consulting business
■System proposal System design Infrastructure infrastructure proposal Infrastructure infrastructure design We will design proposals according to budget issues We will propose solutions to customers' issues based on know-how of past cases We will propose from a standpoint. Issues that customers have beyond the framework of the system Cost reduction measures Business efficiency measures Profit securing measures Profit expansion measures Risk hedging measures, etc. Consulting improvement work based on various experiences and achievements Masu Infrastructure Coordination Server Network Total Coordination of Planning/Proposal/Operation/Maintenance for Server Network Total Coordination of Planning/Proposal/Operation/Maintenance for WEB-related System Design Services、デザイン、サービスに関する企画・提案・構築・運用・保守のトータルコーディネート


Shopify Shopify introduction operation support用支援
E-commerce with the world's largest market share Shopify Shopify Shopify Introduction consultation support for Shopify Comparison comparison between Shopify and EC CUBE etc. Shopify Design for Shopify Make additional services using design-embedded app Sales strategy consultation Operation strategy consultation■販売戦略相談・運用戦略相談
WEB system development WEB production business業
WEB site WEB system development Contract development A mechanism that can add functions according to the customer's business growth with the aim of creating an evolving system Providing a mechanism that meets the customer's request by subdividing the system function from the customer's perspective as finely as possible Make a site that sells a site that can attract customers Create a site that is cost-effective Provide functions that make use of know-how System maintenance Software application development Design planning Proposal Production Update maintenance Software hardware sales守 ■ソフトウェア、ハードウェア販売
Application development business
■Application development for iOS Application development for Android OS発


New Business Development Room
■New business support