Server with SSD is now available! It's fast!

We have added a plan with NVM Express NVMe SSD with PCI Express connection to the WebLife rental server service.The additional cost is only the initial cost and the monthly fee is the same as the existing rental server plan, so it is especially for applications where a large amount of I/O is expected We recommend a server plan with NVMe SSD 1U Rental server plan with NVMe SSD Entry 400 Intel 750 / 400GB Initial cost 150,000 yen monthly fee 35,000 yen Tax excluded 1U NVMe SSD rental server plan entry 1200 Intel 750 / 1.2TB Initial cost 300,000 yen monthly fee 35,000 yen 1U NVMe SSD rental server plan Pro 400-2000 Intel P3600 / 400GB,800GB,1.2TB,1.6TB,2TB Initial cost 300,000 yen 400GB Monthly fee 35,000 yen 1U NVMe SSD rental server plan Enterprise 400-2000 Intel P3700 / 400GB ,800GB,1.6TB,2TB Initial cost 500,000 yen 400GB Monthly charge 35,000 yen Tax excluded Rental server monthly charge is the basic monthly charge IP address 1 Zabbix Surveillance server backup Weekday daytime failure support NVMe SSD has rewrite life Default rewrite limit Please note that you will be charged the initial cost for replacement after the failure after exceeding Intel 750: Up to 219TBW 70GB/day x 5 years Intel P3600: Up to 10.95PBW3DWPD x 5 years Intel P3700: Up to 36.5PBW10DWPD x 5 years 1U server basic specifications Xeon 4 core memory 8GB CentOS7 x86_64 IBM Lenovo System x3550M3/M4, x3530M4, x3250M4/M5 memory HDD can be additionally installed Please inquire Please refer to CentOS7 x86_64 Other OS Please inquire if you wishす。お問い合わせください。 *導入OSはCentOS7 x86_64 となります。 その他のOS ご希望の場合はお問い合わせください。










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