Transform the common sense of rack mount servers!

WLJ 4in1 1U Half Server, an innovative rack mount server newly released by WebLife Japan, is an ultra-high density 1U half server that is ideal as a platform that meets the demands of recent urban data center conditions. 4 nodes of Mini-ITX motherboard of various standards can be installed, enabling an installation form that is not available in conventional rack mount servers 8U CPU per core 128 core memory 2TB 32 10GBase network ports 8 M.2 NVMe Features that realize the specifications of the SSD slot with ultra-low power consumption現致しました。 ・機能 Highest density rack mount server per 1U “As it is named 4in1 1U Half Server, it has a variety of specifications such as the Atom C3000 ultra-low power consumption 2 core processor to the high performance 16 core processor of Xeon D. The on-board network is equipped with Intel Ethernet 1Gb 2 ports to 10Gb 4 ports as standard depending on the model, and there is no additional cost of network card WLJ 4in1 1UHalf Server One of them is not to choose the type of rack that can be mounted. If it is a general server rack with a depth of 1 meter, it will be mounted from the front and back of the rack by a structure that holds it on one side of the rack mount rail like the rack mount type network equipment. 8Us can be installed per 1U Rack mounting brackets can be offset in 16 levels to suit any type of rack or outlet arrangement airflow The power connection port can be changed to the front or rear of the chassis Reversible LAN cables can be connected through the chassis to the network of the nodes on the back from the front Power ON/OFF reset button for all nodes can be checked from either the front or the rear Power racks have never been installed It enables the provision of services that were not included in the concept of mount type servers. It is possible to use various services such as redundant configuration of Web2 node and DB2 node, etc. according to this service. Specifications Common specifications IPMI2.0 Dedicated Port x1 Network port for remote management USB3.0 x2Pentuim D, Xeon DUSB2.0 x2Atom C3000 M.2 NVMe SSD x1 Atom C3338 Except Mini-ITX standard SuperMicro motherboard As of December 2017 X10SDV series A2SDI series Supported Selectable CPU memory Maximum capacity Network port combination Pentium D-1508 2.2GHz 2-core 4-thread TDP25WDDR4 128GB10Gbase-T x2 Xeon D-1518 2.2GHz 4-core 8-thread TDP35WDDR4 128GB10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase-T x2 Xeon D-1528 1.9GHz 6-core 12-thread TDP35WDDR4 128GB10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase-T x2 Xeon D-1541 2.1GHz 8-core 16-thread TDP45WDDR4 128GB10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase-T x2 Xeon D-1541 2.1GHz 8 cores 16 threads TDP45WDDR4 128GB1Gbase-T x2 Xeon D-1557 1.5GHz 12 cores 24 threads TDP45WDDR4 128GB10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase-T x2 Xeon D-1587 1.7GHz 16 cores 32 threads TDP65WDDR4 128GB10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase-T x2 1 Atom C3338 1.5GHz 2-core 2-thread TDP9WDDR4 128GB1Gbase-T x4 2 Atom C3558 2.2GHz 4-core 4-thread TDP16WDDR4 256GB1Gbase-T x4 Atom C3758 2.2GHz 8-core 8-thread TDP25WDDR4 256GB1Gbase-T x4 Atom C3758 2.2GHz 8-core 8-thread TDP25WDDR4 256GB -T x2 Atom C3858 2.0GHz 12 core 12 thread TDP25WDDR4 256GB1Gbase-T x4 Atom C3955 2.1GHz 16 core 16 thread TDP32WDDR4 256GB1Gbase-T x4 Atom C3958 2.0GHz 16 core 16 thread TDP31WDDR4 256GB10Gbase-T x2 SFP x2 1: any of 4 nodes If you install a TDP 65W CPU in more than one place, you must install all the attached fans.The LAN cable cannot be routed inside the chassis. Also, install it in a place where the outside temperature of the suction port is 25 degrees or less. Please do not have a 2M.2 NVMe slot, so you need to connect storage with SATA DOM USB port iSCSI etc. There are 2 DDR4 DIMM slots Dimensions Weight Power supply guarantee size WDH 44036044mm Body only 44042044mm When a fan is attached to the body Weight 5 kg Body only Power supply unit Zippy 400W non-hot plug FlexATX power supply AC 100V power cord 2m Standard warranty 1 year Sendback warranty Optional replacement parts advance warranty and extension of up to 5 years There is a guarantee. IPMI2.0 remote management that can be turned on and off. Remote management function that complies with IPMI2.0 and has a browser-based remote console via a dedicated network port.Maintenance without going to the server installation site. Work is possible OS support Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V/Essentials/Standard/Datacenter Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V/Foundation/Essentials/Standard/Datacenter Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 / 7.4 or later CentOS 6.9 / 7.4 or later Ubuntu Server 16.04 .3 LTS / 17.10 or later FREEDOS 1.2 FreeNAS 11 Configuration Selling price Example Price is 1 node 4 nodes installed The spec in parentheses is 298,000 yen for each node Atom C3338, DDR4 ECC UDIMM 4GB, SATA DOM 16GB, 1Gbase- T x4 x4 node 858,000 yen Atom C3958, DDR4 ECC RDIMM 16GB, M.2 SSD 250GB, 10Gbase-T x2 SFP x2 x4 node 3,480,000 yen Atom C3958, DDR4 ECC LRDIMM 256GB, SATA DOM 16GB, M.2 SSD 2TB, 10Gbase- T x2 SFP x2 x4 node 958,000 yen Xeon D-1541, DDR4 ECC RDIMM 32GB, M.2 SSD 250GB, 10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase-T x2 x4 node 3,480,000 yen Xeon D-1587, DDR4 ECC RDIMM 128GB, SATA DOM 16GB, M.2 SSD 2TB, 10Gbase-T x2 1Gbase -T x2 x4 node 4 nodes Each can be combined from the above CPUs Please contact us for details x2 + 1Gbase-T x2) x4ノード 3,480,000円 (Xeon D-1587, DDR4 ECC RDIMM 128GB, SATA DOM 16GB, M.2 SSD 2TB, 10Gbase-T x2 + 1Gbase-T x2) x4ノード *4ノードそれぞれ前述のCPUの中から組み合わせが可能です。詳細はお問い合わせください。










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